Höhle der Löwen

VapoWesp impressed the jury

Claudia and Leslie, the founders of VapoWesp, presented themselves authentically and sympathetically. The mother-daughter team convincingly explained their product and presented the ingenious incense box together with the herbal mixtures.

The "lions" were able to see for themselves how the herbal mixtures work and how pleasant they smell, as well as the ingenious concept. The jury was thrilled by so much inventiveness – and by a problem solution that will interest millions of people.

Ralf Dümmel continues the journey with us

Enthusiasm quickly turned into a deal - "Lion" Ralf Dümmel gave us the go-ahead. From now on, he wants to actively support us with his expertise and his large team. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

Therefore, we are looking for local retailers to distribute our products: Nurseries, flower and decoration stores, specialized stores for beekeeping supplies, but also gift boutiques and retailers of household and barbecue accessories.

VapoWesp offers attractive retailer conditions - even when purchasing smaller quantities.

We are happy to hear from you!

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to ce@vapowesp.com, contact person Mrs. Claudia Eckert

We are looking forward to your request

We love individual stores and owner-operated stores because they are "the salt in the soup" in many villages and towns. They provide jobs, strengthen the local economy and enable local people-to-people exchanges.

It is important to us to promote these added values and also to place our sustainable products widely so that as many people as possible can get to know our ideas and put them into practice.

- the idea

Did you know, ...

… that every 4th person in Germany is allergic to wasp stings?

Wasps can be real troublemakers and it can quickly become dangerous when wasps invite themselves to you as soon as you bring delicious things to the table.

It's no secret that lighted coffee powder drives away wasps.

We always use this home remedy when we want to eat outdoors. And for years we have always been bothered by the same problems:

  1. We have never found a suitable container for the coffee powder. Smoldering coffee powder gets incredibly hot, ashtrays can hardly withstand this heat and the ash leaves behind ugly residues.
  2. When we "made" ourselves a container with aluminum foil, wind blew the powder away.
  3. The rising smoke could not be regulated - when the wasps were scared away, we wished we could regulate the smoke.
  4. "Pure" smoldering coffee powder smells very unpleasant over time.

The sparking idea

The brainwave came to us while watching TV, when inventors and start-ups presented their ideas in a show:

Why not "invent" a suitable smoke box and develop a powder with natural herbs, spices and fruits to improve the smell? With a lot of attention to detail, long trial runs in the garden to put together the powder mixture in a balanced way and some "mother-daughter discussions" we have put our idea into practice and are proud of our VapoWesp smoke box and the matching VapoPowder varieties Rosy Orange, Hay Flowers & Thyme & Lemon Basil.

Do you pay attention to ethical standards in production?

We only have production carried out where ethical standards are fully and demonstrably met. These standards include protecting international human rights and ensuring that they are not violated, eliminating and abolishing forced and child labor, taking initiatives to create and promote greater environmental awareness, and opposing all forms of discrimination, corruption, extortion and bribery.