Keeps wasps away

The natural way to protect yourself from wasp stings.

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  • VapoWesp
  • VapoWesp works…

    without chemicals

Keeping them away – yes. Killing them – no!

VapoWesp works without dangerous chemicals. The rising smoke from the fumigator box signals danger to the wasps, so they turn away – a method also used by beekeepers.

  • Herbs & spices
  • pesticide-free…

    special herbal mixtures

Our herbal blends are made to be used with your VapoWesp smoker box. The fruits, herbs and flowers are added to the ground coffee powder, which glows in the incense box to keep the wasps away.

  • Spicy flavor
  • Fragrant and …

    spicy flavors

The special, naturally scented VapoWesp herbal blends pleasantly aromatize the smoldering coffee powder, which normally smells unpleasant after some time. So you can enjoy your time outdoors in a relaxed way - with a delicate herbal scent in your nose! Our herbal blends are available in 3 different varieties: lemon and basil, rosemary and orange, and hay flowers and thyme.

Easy to use

Fill VapoWesp

1. Filling

Add VapoPowder to fresh, dry coffee powder* in a ratio of 1:2 to the bowl of the smoker box.

* Not included in delivery

Ignite VapoWesp

2. Ignite

Light in several places until the mixture begins to smolder.

Regulate VapoWesp

3. Regulate

Close the lid and regulate rising smoke simply by slider. The smoke is finely flavored.

  • Our Tip:

    After use, the remaining cooled ash is ideal as fertilizer in the flower bed.

The story of VapoWesp

A startup with a heart for animals

The founders: Mother & Daughter

Wasps can be real troublemakers. They can be chased away with smoldering coffee powder – but this smells really unpleasant over time. We, Claudia & Leslie Eckert, a mother-daughter team, came up with the idea of VapoWesp because of this problem: The smoke box repels wasps in a natural way and also spreads a pleasant smell thanks to the VapoPowder.

Our idea

Repel wasps naturally with VapoWesp

With the desire to develop things that make life better, we looked for a natural and resource-saving wasp repellent. Our thought: wasps have a very fine sense of smell. Rising smoke signals danger to wasps and keeps them away. An old household remedy is to light coffee powder. With the smoke box, we have developed a fireproof container in which the coffee powder can glow, and we have also created the biological VapoPowder mixtures that give the smoke a more pleasant aroma.

Environmental aspect

Fair to insects and nature

Wasps perform many tasks in the ecosystem and are therefore an important part of nature, as they contribute to the pollination of plant flowers, just like bees. VapoWesp focuses on wasp repellent through the naturally scented VapoWesp herbal blends in combination with coffee powder.

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