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Only fresh, dry coffee powder is suitable for smoldering in the VapoWesp smoker box, as it contains essential oils that enable smoldering. You can use any type of commercially available coffee powder (no ready-made cappucino mixes or similar).

Coffee that has already been brewed, i.e. old coffee grounds, is NOT suitable. Here the essential oils are completely washed out.

Unfortunately, smoldering coffee powder alone smells very strong and spoils the enjoyment of being outdoors. Our VapoPowders are specially developed herbal mixtures to flavor coffee smoke.

All herbal mixtures are organic quality. We have test certificates for the individual ingredients because it is very important to us to ensure insect-friendly production.

Since we buy our herbs in large quantities, our vape powders are significantly cheaper than commercially available herbs in organic quality.

However, if the smell of regular coffee smoke doesn't bother you, you can of course leave out the herbal mixtures. We'll leave that to your nose :)

Try it out! We have achieved the best smoldering ability of the coffee powder in the recommended mixing ratio - too much VapoPowder quickly smothers the embers.

Have you mixed unused dry coffee powder and the herbal mixture in the right proportions, but it doesn't ignite properly?

Make sure that you have mixed everything well and it is best to use a long stick lighter to light it, which you hold in one place for at least 10 seconds to ignite. For more smoke, we like to ignite the powder mixture in two to three places. After lighting, place the lid on with the slider wide open so that enough oxygen can flow into the VapoBox.

You can simply wipe the smoking box itself with a slightly damp cloth (without cleaning products, as the bamboo wood is untreated) - just make sure to store the box indoors in a dry place when you are not using it.

We recommend cleaning the stainless steel parts after every second use at the latest with common cleaning agents for stainless steel (stainless steel cleaner, oven spray, or similar) and some steel wool.

In fact, only if you haven't hung the smoking bowl correctly. The smoldering coffee powder mixture can become very hot if it smolders for a long time. That's why you should definitely hang it up correctly and not just put it in the box.

You can see how everything is set up and used in our shortYouTube video here.

Our VapoWesp smoker box is made of untreated bamboo wood and an HPL cover plate. Our VapoPowders are also free of chemical additives.

That's why you should store everything indoors in a dry place when you're not using the VapoBox.

If stored too moist, the wood or herbal mixtures could otherwise become moldy.

You can easily store everything in the included dust bag in the closet at home.

Yes - we buy all the ingredients in the VapoPowder exclusively in organic quality.

In order to be able to use the official organic seal, we would have to have our company certified according to the organic standard. So that we can offer you the product at a cheaper price, we do not do this.

We have test certificates for the individual ingredients because it is very important to us to ensure insect-friendly production.

Our VapoBoxes are manufactured where the raw material bamboo grows, namely in Asia. Direct production on site is the most effective because the required quantities can be purchased directly, thus avoiding waste.

We only produce products where ethical standards are fully and demonstrably adhered to. These standards include the protection of international human rights and ensuring that they are not violated, the elimination and abolition of coercive and
child labor, taking initiatives to create and promote greater environmental awareness and opposition to all forms of
Discrimination, corruption, extortion and bribery.

We are already working on other sustainable products for the home and garden sector. As soon as there is any news, we will post it here and on our Instagram channel . Follow us to stay up to date. We would be very grateful for your support!


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