With the VapoWesp smoker box for burning lit coffee powder and the fragrant Vapo powders, you can enjoy a relaxed summer outdoors. The rising smoke signals "danger" to all insects (since they are smoke escapers) and they buzz away - completely cruelty-free and without toxins!

Proven and well-known methodology

Beekeepers also use smoke to carefully and effectively drive away bees

> 300,000 products sold

Whether for allergy sufferers or camping fans – VapoWesp already has many satisfied users

Free from toxins & pesticides

VapoWesp works without dangerous chemicals and is harmless to humans and animals

Food grade ingredients

All herbal blends are made from high quality food grade ingredients.

Free from impurities

After use, the cooled ash is ideal as fertilizer in the flower bed.


Pet the sheep once and we were all set!

As sponsors of a sheep in the Swabian region, we learned about the enormous benefits of fertilizing using leftover sheep's wool. 

This is how the idea for Mählanie & Wollefgang came about - our natural black wool fertilizer, which with its many positive properties is a true miracle cure for our home gardens, plants and soils. Completely free of chemical additives, from live sheep from Germany, plastic-free and climate-neutrally packaged. May your plants thrive healthy and productive!

Andreas Rausch(via Amazon)

Since then, you can eat outside in peace without the wasps getting on your nerves. The smell fits too. I can only recommend it to anyone who doesn't like wasps like I do. And it's not chemistry

Schmitz(via Amazon)

Fast delivery, haven't tried all the varieties yet but orange smells good. Serves its purpose - no mosquito bites

Thanks to the individual herbal scents, the otherwise unpleasant scent of burnt coffee powder is well "covered up" in my opinion. The typical home remedy for annoying wasps is therefore much more pleasant to notice if you want to spend a cozy evening on the balcony. Of course, the scent depends on the mixing ratio and partly also on the coffee powder. But it still serves its purpose, which is almost the most important thing in my opinion.

Susi M.(via Amazon)

My sister recommended we take her on vacation to Italy.
It worked great against wasps and which was very practical for us against annoying mosquitoes.
The smell doesn't bother us, it's just that our clothes smelled like smoke.
We were glad we took it with us.

Markus Landeau(via Amazon)

Great product. Really helps to get rid of “bugs”. We usually only used coffee powder and it was very unpleasant. With the powders from VapoWesp, the smell is very pleasant and the presentation is also great.

Out S.(via Amazon)

I can really recommend Vapo Wasp, wasps are driven away by the smoke. You can adjust the strength of the smoke individually so that it doesn't bother you. I find the “Orange Rosemary” powder, which is mixed with the coffee powder, pleasant. Great invention!


Anyone who knows the old home remedy of smoking coffee powder against wasps, mosquitoes or insects probably also knows all the problems that come with it:

  • unsuitable containers that get too hot,
  • Smoke that cannot be regulated
  • Coffee powder being spread all over the table by the wind.

With the VapoWesp smoker box we have put an end to all of this! Four pieces made of high-quality materials that counteract all of this. Try it yourself!



We, Claudia and Leslie, the mother-daughter team from Stuttgart and founders of VapoWesp, had the brilliant idea while the world was sinking into lockdown and everything came to a standstill. With a lot of tinkering and attention to detail, we have adapted a well-known home remedy to new requirements and made it easier. 

We are sure that with our smoker box not only we, but also many other people can finally enjoy a meal outdoors carefree and wasp-free.

Signing up for the TV show "The Lion's Den" was probably the best crazy idea we had in a brave moment, because suddenly an incredible journey began that continues to this day.


Only fresh, dry coffee powder is suitable for smoldering in the VapoWesp smoker box, as it contains essential oils that enable smoldering. You can use any type of commercially available coffee powder (no ready-made cappucino mixes or similar).

Unfortunately, coffee that has already been brewed, i.e. old coffee grounds, is NOT suitable. Here the essential oils are completely washed out and can no longer be lit.

Unfortunately, smoldering coffee powder alone smells very strong and spoils the enjoyment of being outdoors. Our VapoPowders are specially developed herbal mixtures to flavor coffee smoke.

All herbal mixtures are organic quality. We have test certificates for the individual ingredients because it is very important to us to ensure insect-friendly production.

Since we buy our herbs in large quantities, our vape powders are significantly cheaper than commercially available herbs in organic quality.

However, if the smell of regular coffee smoke doesn't bother you, you can of course leave out the herbal mixtures. We'll leave that to your nose :)

Try it out! We have achieved the best smoldering ability of the coffee powder in the recommended mixing ratio - too much VapoPowder quickly smothers the embers.

Our recommendation: Mix 2 heaped teaspoons of fresh, dry coffee powder with a heaped teaspoon of VapoPowder of your favorite variety in the stainless steel container.

Bundle-Deal: 3x Starterset | 3x Räucherbox + VapoPulver Orange & Rosemary (3x 50 g) - VapoWesp

You can simply wipe the smoking box itself with a slightly damp cloth (without cleaning products, as the bamboo wood is untreated) - just make sure to store the box indoors in a dry place when you are not using it.

We recommend cleaning the stainless steel parts after every second use at the latest with common cleaning agents for stainless steel (stainless steel cleaner, oven spray, or similar) and some steel wool.

Yes, we are happy to send VapoWesp on trips. You can see where we ship to and under what conditions in our shipping costs table

We only produce products where ethical standards are fully and demonstrably adhered to. These standards include protecting international human rights and ensuring that they are not violated, eliminating and abolishing forced and child labor, taking initiatives to create and promote greater environmental awareness, and opposing all forms of Discrimination, corruption, extortion and bribery.

VapoWesp for commercial customers

For restaurateurs & retailers

Would you like to sell VapoWesp in your store or use it yourself for the outdoor area of ​​your restaurant? Whether it's a garden center, flower and decoration shop, beekeeping supply, gift boutique or local restaurant. We offer attractive dealer conditions including advertising material for retailers and restaurateurs - even when purchasing small quantities.


Everything is included – just pack it up and get started


Herbal mixtures for flavoring


Our herbal mixtures to take away
Sheep wool fertilizer

Sheep wool fertilizer

Natural fertilizer for plants & gardens