Coffee powder against wasps, mosquitoes and gnats - natural protection for your summer

In the warm season, when life mainly takes place outside, wasps, mosquitoes and gnats often become unwanted guests.

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VapoWesp offers a natural solution to make your time outdoors as pleasant as possible. Our unique incense boxes and VapoPowder blends create a scent that makes time on the balcony, at the table and in the garden more pleasant.  

Why use home remedies to get rid of insects and keep them away?  

Using coffee powder as a home remedy against wasps, mosquitoes and gnats is a tried and tested method. We at VapoWesp have optimized this method with our smoke box. By letting the coffee powder smolder evenly and combining it with our VapoPowder mixtures, the repelling effect against the annoying insects can be regulated with smoke and at the same time improves the smell of the smoldering coffee powder. Enjoy undisturbed summer moments with the VapoWesp smoke box sets!

Extensive range for individual needs

Starter set | Incense box + VapoPulver Orange & Rosemary

Our starter set offers the ideal introduction to the world of natural wasp, mosquito and gnat repellent. It includes a VapoWesp incense box and 50 g of our Orange & Rosemary VapoPowder, which gives the coffee smoke a pleasant scent so you can enjoy your summer days in a relaxed manner. The set also comes with a practical jute carrying bag, which makes it easier to take with you.

Large set | Various VapoPowder varieties

The large set is aimed at those who are looking for a versatile solution against wasps, mosquitoes and gnats and who prefer different scents. It contains 100 g of each of our VapoPowder varieties: Lemon & Basil, Hay Flowers & Thyme, and Apple & Mint. Each of these herbal mixtures offers a unique scent that pleasantly flavors the insect-repelling coffee powder smoke.  

VapoPowder Set | Diversity of scents

A set especially for lovers of aroma variety . Four different scents in 100 g packs: Lemon & Basil, Orange & Rosemary, Hay Flowers & Thyme, and Apple & Mint. Ideal for choosing the right scent for every occasion and preference. The blends are specially developed to refine the aroma of the coffee powder so that you can enjoy your summer day without having to think about annoying wasps, mosquitoes or gnats.

VapoSticks | Practical carry-on formats

Do you like to go on spontaneous trips or camping, but don't want to deal with annoying wasp, mosquito or gnat bites? Then the VapoSticks are just right for you. Their practical travel size and variety of flavors make them the perfect companion for your insect-free summer.

Easy to use – step by step  

  • Preparation: Mix fresh, ground coffee powder with the VapoPowder in a ratio of two spoonfuls of coffee powder to one spoonful of VapoPowder.
  • Ignition: Fill this mixture into the VapoWesp smoking box. Use a stick lighter and hold the flame to it for at least 8-10 seconds at various points until it starts to glow.
  • Intensity regulation: Place the smoker box in a central location. Leave the box lid open to ensure oxygen flow and regulate the smoke as needed by adjusting the air supply.
  • After use: After use, carefully extinguish the embers with water. Clean the stainless steel parts of the smoker box regularly to extend its lifespan, and store the box in a dry, protected place to avoid moisture damage.

TIP: The remaining ash can be used wonderfully as organic fertilizer for your garden.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I buy the herbal mixtures? 
    Yes, all of our VapoPowder varieties are available individually, so you can reorder your favorite fragrances at any time.
  • How safe are the smoke boxes? 
    Our smoker boxes are made from fireproof material and designed to remain safe even during extended use.
  • How long does a filling last? 
    One filling provides up to four hours of protection, depending on external conditions.
  • Is the product safe for children and pets? 
    Yes, our products are free from harmful chemicals and safe for the whole family.
  • Do I have to use fresh coffee powder or will used coffee grounds also work? 
    Only fresh, dry coffee powder is suitable for smoldering in the VapoWesp smoker box, as it contains essential oils that support the smoldering. You can use any commercially available type of coffee, as long as it is not ready-made cappuccino mixes or something similar.
    However, coffee that has already been brewed, i.e. old coffee grounds, is unsuitable. Brewing completely washed out the essential oils, meaning the coffee grounds can no longer ignite.

Environmentally friendly and safe

All of our products are free of toxins and safe for humans and animals. The smoker box does not get hot during use and can therefore be placed anywhere. In addition, all of our packaging is 100% recyclable, which underlines our commitment to sustainability.

Smoking box against mosquitoes, wasps and gnats

Whether during the day against wasps or in the evening against mosquitoes and gnats - the VapoWesp smoker box and our natural Vapo powder flavor the insect-repelling glowing coffee powder and thus offer an environmentally friendly alternative to harmful chemicals. Enjoy your time outdoors without having to worry about unpleasant smells and annoying insects. 


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