Coffee powder & vape powder against wasps, mosquitoes & gnats: Natural defense with a pleasant scent

The warm months not only bring us sunshine and long days, but unfortunately also unwanted guests such as wasps, mosquitoes and gnats. With VapoWesp's VapoPowders, we perfect the well-known method of lighting coffee powder to drive away wasps, mosquitoes and gnats.

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Our specially developed powders flavor the unpleasant smell of the lit coffee powder to give you a pleasant outdoor experience. Free from toxins and harmful chemicals, our products offer greater safety for people and animals.

Smells away gnats, mosquitoes and wasps

The VapoPowders consist ofhigh-quality food-grade herbs, spices and fruits. These blends are not only safe, but also add one of many different pleasant scents to your environment. Enjoy your summer evenings without worrying about wasps, mosquitoes or gnats.

The wasps drive away scent: our variety of aromas

Our VapoPowder varieties: variety that inspires

Each of these mixtures is simply added to the VapoWesp smoker box with coffee powder and lit. The smoke that develops is not only an insect repellent, but also a pleasant aroma.

Application: It's that easy to use the VapoPowder

  1. Preparation: Choose the VapoPowder according to your occasion and your preference. Mix it with ground coffee powder, which must be unused, as only fresh powder has the necessary oils for smoldering.
  2. Ignite: Fill the smoker box with the powder mixture and light it with a stick lighter. The smoke that is created not only keeps wasps away, but also spreads a pleasant scent.
  3. After use: Extinguish the embers carefully with water and use the ashes as organic fertilizer. Clean the smoker box and store it dry.

Smells repel gnats, mosquitoes and wasps: a natural protective shield

Our VapoPowders are easy to use and safe. The combination of natural ingredients and the smoke-volatile properties make them ideal for garden parties, picnics and other outdoor activities . They are also an environmentally friendly option for anyone who values sustainability and naturalness. Say goodbye to chemical insect repellents and enjoy your time outdoors without annoying insects.

Expand your insect protection

In addition to our powders, we also offer practical VapoSticks . These small, portable sticks are ideal for on the go and can be easily stored in any bag. Whether you are hiking, camping or just relaxing in the garden , the VapoSticks turn your environment into an oasis of well-being.  

Enjoy your outdoor experience!  

With VapoPulver you can make your time outdoors even more pleasant. Choose your preferred scent from our range of vape powders and experience how the unpleasant smell of smoldering coffee powder transforms into your favorite scent. The resulting smoke keeps your surroundings free of annoying wasps, mosquitoes or flies so that you can enjoy your summer to the fullest. 


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