Was schreiben andere über VapoWesp? - VapoWesp

What do others write about VapoWesp?

Jun 27, 2023Claudia Eckert

Here we would like to put together a few links and reports for you about what other platforms or people have to say about VapoWesp.

If you have found something that is not yet listed here, please feel free to send us a direct message via Instagram with the link.


Beitrag von stern.de über VapoWesp

Article from stern.de:
“VapoWesp from DHDL in the test: This is how the wasp deterrent works”
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Beitrag von brigitte.de über VapoWesp

Article from brigitte.de:
“VapoWesp”: How effective is the home remedy against annoying wasps?
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Beitrag von eltern.de über VapoWesp

Article from eltern.de:
"VapoWesp: PARENTS tests the nature-friendly wasp deterrent"
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