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Coffee powder against wasps, mosquitoes and flies: Natural protection for your time out outdoors

The main nuisance at any picnic or garden party are unwanted guests such as wasps, mosquitoes or gnats. Our solution: the innovative VapoWesp smoking box and the VapoPowder . The many natural herbal mixtures aromatize the unpleasant smell of smoldering coffee powder, which drives away annoying insects. Discover how the VapoWesp products save your summer evenings.

Effective home remedies in a modern form: Get rid of mosquitoes, wasps and gnats with home remedies and keep them away

VapoWesp uses the well-known method of repelling wasps and mosquitoes with coffee powder and perfects it with our natural and pleasant VapoPowder. Our sets contain everything you need to transform your outdoor area into an oasis of well-being. The mix of traditional techniques and modern application makes our smoker box a must-have for undisturbed summer days.

VapoWesp products – natural solutions against wasps

VapoWesp offers a variety of products specifically designed to help you get rid of insects naturally. Our smoking boxes and vape powder varieties are environmentally friendly and safe for people and animals, but at the same time offer a flavoring effect for the smoldering coffee powder that drives away annoying insects. Here is an overview of our products:  

VapoWesp smoking box

The VapoWesp smoking box is the heart of our product line. It is designed so that it does not get hot during use, which guarantees safe handling. The box is made of high-quality, natural materials and can be easily and safely placed outdoors to effectively drive away wasps.

Smoker box against wasps: drive away wasps from the table

The VapoWesp smoker box is particularly effective for regulating smoldering coffee powder and neutralizing the unpleasant smell. This natural and now also pleasantly scented smoke is particularly good at driving away annoying wasps at the dinner table. Simply position the smoker box on or near your table and enjoy your wasp-free meal.  

Smoking box against mosquitoes and gnats: Enjoy the summer evenings without bites

With our special smoker box against mosquitoes and gnats, we offer an effective solution that can be used in the evening to enjoy the summer outdoors. The unpleasant smoke from smoldering coffee powder is not only regulated, but also pleasantly flavored.  

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Safety: Does not get hot, safe installation close to people possible.
  • Effectiveness: Distributes the smoke evenly and flavors it at the same time to repel wasps, mosquitoes and gnats quickly and effectively.
  • Mobility: Lightweight and portable, ideal for use in different locations.

VapoPowder Varieties

Our VapoPowder is a blend of natural herbs and spices specially designed to add a pleasant aroma to the coffee powder that keeps the wasps away. We offer different scents to suit personal preferences.

Our variety of aromas:  


For new customers, we offer starter kits that include a smoke box along with a selection of VapoPowders. These kits are perfect for getting to know the benefits of VapoWesp products and creating a first insect-free zone.

Your advantages:

  • All-in-one: Easy to start using our products.
  • Cost-effective: Price advantage compared to purchasing boxes and powders individually.
  • Versatility: Several scents to try out and combine.

VapoSticks: Perfect for on the go

For those who don't want to go without natural insect protection when they're on the go, we offer the practical VapoSticks . These are ideal to take with you on hikes, camping or at outdoor events. Simply mix with some coffee powder and light to extend the area of protection.

Sustainable Additions: Bird Feed and Sheep Wool Fertilizer

In addition to our smoked products, we also offer bird food and sheep wool fertilizer that will enrich your garden and help support a sustainable ecosystem. Our high-quality bird food attracts various species of birds that not only add to the natural charm of your garden but also help with pest control. The sheep wool fertilizer is an excellent organic fertilizer that is rich in nutrients and promotes the growth of your plants without harming the environment.

Discover our variety of products

Whether for the home garden or for the next big outdoor event, our VapoWesp smoke boxes and Vapo powder sets are the ideal solution for enjoying nature undisturbed. Choose the perfect one for your needs from our various sets and say goodbye to wasps, mosquitoes and gnats in a natural way.


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