A mother-daughter project

We first had the idea for our company in September 2020.

In a difficult time, just before the second lockdown during the Corona pandemic, we encouraged each other and wanted to prove that even under difficult circumstances you can create something exciting and new with a lot of drive and joy.

We are convinced that our VapoBox will help many people in the futureto finally be able to enjoy a meal outdoors carefree and wasp-free.

- the idea

Did you know, ...

… hat by now every 4th person in Germany reacts with intolerances and allergies to wasp stings?

Wasps can be real troublemakers and it can quickly become dangerous if wasps invite themselves to you as soon as you bring delicious things to the table.

It's no secret that lit coffee powder drives away wasps.

Wir nutzen dieses Hausmittel immer, wenn wir im Freien essen möchten. Und seit Jahren haben uns dabei die immer gleichen Probleme gestört:

  1. Wir haben für das Kaffeepulver nie ein passendes Gefäß gefunden. Glimmendes Kaffeepulver wird unglaublich heiß, Aschenbecher halten diese Hitze kaum aus und die Asche hinterlässt hässliche Rückstände.
  2. Wenn wir uns mit Alufolie einen Behälter "gebastelt" haben, hat Wind das Pulver verweht.
  3. Der aufsteigende Rauch konnte nicht reguliert werden - wenn die Wespen verscheucht waren, haben wir uns gewünscht, den Rauch regulieren zu können.
  4. Glimmendes Kaffeepulver "pur" riecht mit der Zeit sehr unangenehm.

Die zündende Idee

Der Geistesblitz kam uns beim Fernsehen, als Erfinder und Start-ups in einer Show ihre Ideen präsentierten:

Warum "erfinden" wir keine passende Räucherbox und entwickeln ein Pulver mit natürlichen Kräutern, Gewürzen und Früchten, um den Geruch zu verbessern? Mit viel Liebe zum Detail, langen Versuchsstrecken im Garten, um die Pulver-Mischung ausgewogen zusammenzustellen und einigen "Mutter-Tochter-Diskussionen" haben wir unsere Idee in die Tat umgesetzt und sind stolz auf unsere VapoWesp Räucherbox und die passenden VapoPulver-Sorten Orange & Rosemary, Hay Flowers & Thyme & Lemon & Basil.

In all steps, the environmental aspect
is very important to us.

In every step of the process we try to be considerate of the environment. We process high quality herbs, spices and fruits.

We have deliberately voided plastic in our packaging. This is how we contribute to the preservation of nature with our products.

Our StartUp journey is exciting and thrilling, full of moments of happiness, great encounters but also peppered with challenges – you can here more about it in our podcast.

Höhle der Löwen

VapoWesp impressed the jury

Claudia and Leslie, the founders of VapoWesp, presented themselves authentically and sympathetically. The mother-daughter team convincingly explained their product and presented the ingenious incense box together with the herbal mixtures.

The "lions" were able to see for themselves how the herbal mixtures work and how pleasant they smell, as well as the ingenious concept. The jury was thrilled by so much inventiveness – and by a problem solution that will interest millions of people.

Ralf Dümmel continues the journey with us

Enthusiasm quickly turned into a deal - "Lion" Ralf Dümmel gave us the go-ahead. From now on, he wants to actively support us with his expertise and his large team. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.

Try VapoWesp for yourself!

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